Welcome to Dark Tactical B2B!

Dark Tactical® Ltd. was established in 2011 after 8 year of experience in military gear and clothing. We realized that very few serial-produced items can satisfy every need of the users. We would like to make custom gear and modifications available for operators national and international. Whether it’s a custom piece for your own use or a prototype, Dark Tactical™ can meet the challenge and we always have a dark solution for you. We also offer a growing line of stock products that have been proven to be both useful and popular. Dark Tactical™ only uses high quality mil-spec materials, and is sewn in Hungary with strict quality control.

The comfortable, easily accessible, practical items make the everyday-use much easier, sometimes they can even save life during a mission. We also need to face the problem often, that what we really need is not on the market or it can’t be purchased. Our own ideas can’t be carried out, therefore we are forced to buy other, replacing products, that mean compromises only for short-term. The heavy usage, the rough weather weakens all gear, even the best ones. In Hungary those supplies are inaccessible that would mean alternative for repairing these gears: the existing alternatives are not satisfactory in color, size and quality for meeting the requirements for such use.

The goal of our company is to customize and create wide variety of products in outstanding quality, under short deadline and for reasonable price, according to personalized needs of individuals or companies. Thanks to our external relations, those quality materials became available, that are essential to make permanent repairs on existing gear or even to produce long-lasting, prime goods. These materials are the same with the ones that were used during the production in color, size and quality, and all of them are made regarding military specifications.

Dark Tactical™ is continuously looking for new possibilities to distribute military-grade, state-of-the-art tactical gear and equipment. Our team represents vendors in Central-Eastern-Europe, from our logistics center in Budapest. It would be our pleasure to discuss a potential cooperation about entering the CEE markets with your unique range of products. If your product matches our market, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We’re looking forward to meet you in person on the trade events listed below. In order to be able to give you our undivided attention, we ask that you make an appointment in advance via email or phone!


What We Offer

  • Products ready to ship – wide selection of stocked products
  • Full product support – graphics, descriptions, translations
  • 100% satisfaction warranty support and customer care
  • Wide selection of shipping methods and payment options
  • Skilled sales personnel
  • Best possible profit rates
  • Custom design, OEM production, prototyping

If you have your product range that you would like to offer for us, please just contact us via email. If you wish to receive more information about or traded brands and distribution terms, please fill the contact form below. We will contact you within a few days!

Dark Tactical Kft.

  • Company reg. number: 01-09-955896
  • EU Tax ID: HU23162554
  • IBAN account number: HU35 10400872-50526683-56851000
  • NCAGE Code: 1689V


  • E-mail: b2b@darktactical.com
  • Phone: +36 70 940 54 46
  • Office: 1074 Budapest, Huszár utca 10.
  • Mailing: 1117 Budapest, Szerémi sor 6.